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The Nightmare of Pricing

Crafters such as myself love their hobby and as such do not place a high value on their time. Initially sales are made to friends and family with a great deal of anxiety that the customer is not just patronizing you and is very happy to have the item. The need for more tools or equipment to improve drives the cost of the hobby up and inventory starts to build up. Sales increase as skills improve & more variety is offered. But what about the pricing?

I try not to infringe on the ability of those who "Need" sales of their products to make a living. I try to check the market for prices on similar objects that i make and then set a price that is fair and competitive. There is no money to be made in small scale crafts, only enough to cover some of one's costs if you are fortunate. I will always listen to offers, as it's better to have a piece in a home where it will be appreciated than sitting on a shelf. I like to favour charities with pieces to assist them in fund raising and would rather give them an item, than under value it for the sake of a sale to someone!

Your thoughts???

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Agreed. Pricing is tricky. I’m happy if I get enough to cover materials, supplies and a little extra to cover other costs. Very little for my time, but like you I do it as a hobby so this is not a huge concern. Unfortunately many people undervalue the work that goes into crafts. Also like you I prefer to give a piece away to family, friends or charity rather than under sell it. Best of luck, and happy turning!!

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