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The Kandinsky Bowl

Project type

Turning a wood and resin bowl


November 2022


Woodworking Creations Workshop Windsor, Ontario



Project type

Wood Turning

Hours to Complete

Preparation - 20 hours;
Turning - 10 hours:
Finishing - 5 hours;

From a collection of hardwood cut off pieces placed in a plastic bowl, adding four layers of coloured resin which cured & became a bowl blank. Mounted between centers on my wood lathe, using a bowl gouge an outside shape was formed and a tenon on the bottom. The tenon was then mounted into my ONE-Way chuck to allow for removal of the interior of the bowl. Sanding to 12000 grit brought out the lustre of the wood and resin. The tenon on the bottom was then removed by chucking the bowl on a vacuum chuck. My original thought was to call it a Picasso bowl but sister, Mary Anne who knows art, suggested it was more in the Kandinsky vain, thus the name!

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