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Pens and Pencils

Turned Pen or Pencil

Several styles to choose from - Slimline, Comfort, Cigar, Algonquin, Maple Leaf, Sierra, Triton and many more


Windsor, Ontario, Canada


Local or exotic hard wood, wood fused to resin, laminated material, acrylic, antler or any material that can be cut with high strength steel or carbide cutters on a lathe.


Price range varies based on material cost.




Material is cut to length 1/4" longer than finished piece, drilled out and fitted with a brass tube, then turned on a mandrel to desired size. Material is sanded and polished to 12000 grit. Purchased hardware is fitted into the barrels creating a unique writing instrument.


Writing instruments can be engraved with names or to commemorate special occasions such as weddings, and achievements. Excellent gift item.

Hand crafted Ball Point, and Fountain Pens as well as Pencils with a variety of lead
sizes. The instrument can be engraved and used to mark a special occasion such as a
wedding, birthday, graduation, or any achievement. The barrels are turned from
selected wood, acrylic material or anything that can be cut with high strength steel or carbide such as antler.

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