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April 2023


Windsor, Ontario, Canada




Rings vary with type of material used.


Ring cores are purchased from a variety of suppliers in stainless steel, titanium, copper, tungsten, sterling silver and ceramic. Cores may be flat, or have single, double or triple channels and widths from 4mm to 8mm are available. Inlay stone used most often is opal but wood, metal, and coloured sand dust are also chosen.


Purchased ring cores are either fitted with material overlay or inlay by using glue adhesive. The material is turned down to the desired shape on a lathe and sanded and polished through 12000 grit.


Each ring is custom made to customer specification. Customer choses the core, and the material to be used as overlay or inlay. Engraving on the inside of the core is an option.

I've always enjoyed the look and feel of a ring and felt challenged to attempt to make them. I started making wood rings In 2000 then got the bug to make them using metal cores and inserting various coloured opal stone. Colour reflecting birth months is very popular and many men have requested antler inserted into the core. Each rings requires tedious attention to ensure they reflect what the customer orders.

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